Are Spare Keys Really Necessary?

Are Spare Keys Really Necessary?

In short yes! Spare keys are important for everyone to have, whether you leave them with a friend, family member, neighbour or in a secure location, you should have a set of spare keys.

Having a spare set of keys means if you leave yours at work or lose them completely you can easily regain access to your property without having to break the lock or damage the door itself.

Spare Keys


Reasons To Have Spare Keys

Without a set of spare keys for your property you could end up finding yourself caught off-guard especially if you lose your keys. Having a set of keys means you won’t need your lock replacing to regain access to your property.

Spare sets of keys can be left with anyone such as family members, friends, neighbours or even in a secure place such as at work. You can leave your spare keys at various locations meaning you have access to a number of places where you can get your keys from.

Some of the reasons why you should have a spare set of keys are:

  • Peace of Mind - If you lose your keys you’ll be able to pick up your spare set from a person or location you trust
  • New Keys - You’ll always have access to another set of keys when you need them
  • Save Money - Having a spare set of keys means you can save money on door or lock changes
  • Lock Changes - There’s no need to have your lock changed if you have a spare set of keys (If the keys you lose contain address information then it’s best to have the locks changed)
  • Broken Keys - If your keys break then you’ve always got a backup on hand
  • Quick Key Replacement - Having spare set of keys means you can quickly get your keys replaced
  • Reduced Damage - Keys aren’t impervious to damage, when a key becomes worn it can damage a lock. Regularly changing your keys will help to reduce the amount of damage caused to your lock


Getting Your Keys Cut

Key cutting is a service that many locksmiths offer and having a good quality copy of your original keys means your home will still be accessible if your original keys are lost or damaged. Keys can be cut numerous times and some people leave them with a range of people to ensure that they also have access to a spare set should they be needed.

If you’re in need of key cutting or if you’ve found yourself without a spare set of keys, then be sure to get in touch with Lock Solutions.

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