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Lock Solutions UPVC door locks and window services are first class,
whether you require a repair or total reinstall.

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UPVC Doors and Windows in Reading

Lock Solutions UPVC door locks and window services are first class, whether you require a repair or total reinstall. Wayne, Lock Solutions dedicated locksmith, will support you with your requirements.

When it comes to UPVC window locks and doors there’s a range of reasons why you may need a repair, whether it’s broken or damaged or you may require a lock replacement. Lock Solutions has a wealth of experience and will only provide the most suitable solution.

Where will I find UPVC locks?

UPVC door lock mechanism are usually found in domestic homes and will most likely be the front and back door lock, they’re also popular for French and patio doors.
At Lock solutions our skilled locksmith can deal with any problems that may occur on a daily basis.

Common UPVC issues

When it comes to UPVC locks, whether it’s a French door lock or a UPVC window door lock, there are a few popular occurrences which can affect the lock and are usually down to mechanical parts which include the euro profile cylinder lock and the multi point locking mechanism.

The key won’t turn

If your key doesn’t go all the way in the lock or does not turn, this could be down to the euro cylinder failure, this is a simple repair job and will involve this part of the lock being replaced. This usually occurs when it lock is worn down, a cheap lock has been used, the key has been left on the inside and operated from the other side making it out of sync or just general wear and tear.

The door won’t open

If the key goes into the lock and can be turned but the door still won’t open, this is a sign that the multi point lock has failed or the security bolt is jammed. Reasons for this fault include the door and frame are out of alignment, the UPVC door handle has been forced up to lock which has broken the mechanism, general wear and tear or the door being slammed quite often.

The door won’t close

This is a common problem which is usually caused by the stroke receiver for the latch not being adjusted properly or it has been loose for a period of time before being set correctly, the door trim rubber has moved and is not sitting properly or is stopping the door from shutting correctly.

Other issues include…

If the handle seems loose or ‘floppy’ this could be down to the window handle being over worn or even a fault mechanism.
You may find that the key works but you have to move it about in the lock, this is a sign of a badly cut key or worn lock.
If the door hook or bolt won’t retract in or out then this means that one of the multi point hooks or bolts has a broken mechanism or security device.

Do I need a key to replace the lock?

Having the key is usually a requirement when it comes to changing a UPVC lock as when replacing the lock they key will need to be turned and lined up to help remove the original mechanism.
Lock Solutions certified locksmith has the knowledge required to offer the correct advice when it comes to your UPVC doors and windows locks, should you not have a key for your lock, he can still carry out a full replacement without damaging your doors or windows.

UPVC Door Security in Reading

Lock solutions has a range of tools and have worked on a range of properties. Wayne will ensure he carries out a top quality service on your home or premises.
Whether it’s a UPVC Front door lock or a lock for your patio, Lock Solutions will provide a first class and value for money service.
So there’s no need to look anywhere else, for changing UPVC door locks or a wide repair selection, Lock Solutions will support all your requirements, simply contact our locksmith today!

Lock Solutions also provide key cutting, commercial locksmith solutions and lock replacement services.

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