Locksmith FAQs

Find the answers to some frequently asked questions below.

How Much Do You Charge?

Please take a look at our charges page for more information. If you require more information regarding costs, please don’t hesitate to call Wayne on 07711 906667.


Do You Charge For A Callout?

There aren’t any call out charges no matter what time of day or night you call. Should you decide to cancel for whatever reason and Wayne is on his way to you then a £24 charge applies but if the work goes ahead then you would only be charged for a labour charge.

Will I get charged for a second visit if your locksmith needs to return with any parts?

No, if that was the case then he could do all the first visits on a motorbike with no parts onboard and then return in a van in order to earn more money.

How Long Would It Take You To Get To Me?

95% of Lock Solutions calls can be dealt with within an hour of your initial call authorising a locksmith to attend. The other 5% would be shortly over the 1-hour Period.


What Payment Method’s Do You Accept?

Lock Solutions carry a credit/debit card machine however if you choose credit there is a 3% charge whereas there is no charge for debit. Cash is also accepted.


What Identification Do You Need From Me?

If you are actually inside the property then no identification is required. If you are locked outside of the property then a photo ID with that address on it would be required. If that’s not available then Wayne would have to knock on your neighbours door for proof of ID.

What Is The Locksmith’s Name?

Lock Solutions owner is Wayne Colvin who is the only locksmith in our small family run business.


What Do I Do Whilst I’m Waiting For The Locksmith?

You don’t have to do anything apart from keeping yourself comfortable. It’s important you keep your phone available to accept calls in case the locksmith needs to call you for directions.

How Many Keys Come With A New Lock?

It depends on the style and manufacturer, but it will be a minimum of 2 keys and a maximum of 3 keys. However, if you require more then Wayne has the facility to cut extra on site.

Is Your Work Guaranteed?

Yes, all work and parts come with a 1 year guarantee.


How Long Would It Take To Receive An Invoice?

Wayne has the facility to print invoices straight away so there’s no chasing required from yourself for a bill you’ve already paid for.

We Are A Business, Will We Have To Pay Straight Away?

Obviously that would be our preferred method by card or cheque but if not we can leave you with a 30-day invoice.