Jobs Completed 8/1/16

Jobs Completed 8/1/16

Received a call from a London based company who look after a apartment building in Maidenhead High Street. tenants were having problems getting out of the communal door due to the inside handle was snapped so the door required a new handle set. I arrived within the hour and rectified the problem for them. The exact handles were not available so needed to reposition the fixing positions for the new handles by drilling holes through the door.

Broken UPVC Lock Broken UPVC Lock UPVC Lock New UPVC Lock



Received a call from an elderly lady not far away from where I live who needed a new bolt fitted to her side gate. She had already purchased the bolt so I popped in on my way home and charged her a cup of tea.


Gate Lock


Went to a company in Reading who unfortunately had some bad news for an employee the following day and needed to have their lock changed after all employees left the building the previous day. Not nice but it has to be done.


Classic Lock


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