Domestic Locks Jargon Explained

Domestic Locks Jargon Explained

Domestic Locks Jargon Explained

At Lock Solutions we know the best domestic locks you should have fitted.

Sometimes in a locksmith emergency it can help us if our customers cam explain to us what type of domestic locks they have fitted.

This guide will help home owners learn what domestic locks they have fitted in their properties, just in case the emergency situation should arise.

There are so many different styles of locks available.

This is dependent on whether they are to be fitted to internal or external doors and whether the doors are UPVC, aluminium or wooden framed.

We have put together a brief description that explains the most commonly used locks together with photos showing them.

Rim Cylinder Lock

Firstly we will start off with all the most common used locks found on a wooden front door.

A Rim Cylinder would be seen on the outside of the door and be attached to a night latch which would be fitted to the inside of the door.

You would then normally have a 5 lever BS3621 deadlock fitted below. The BS3621 means that it's a high quality lock and passed as British Standard.

You must have at least one BS lock fitted to every external wooden door. If you are not sure please check your insurance policy as everything should be explained there.

If you inspect your door and find the deadlock is only a 2 or 3 lever then you will need to use our emergency locksmith service on 07711 906667 and have the lock upgraded.

Cylinder Keys




Sticking with wooden doors we have a BS3621 5 lever sashlock which would most commonly be seen on external wooden rear doors.

The difference between a sashlock and a deadlock is a deadlock only has a bolt whereas a sashlock also incorporates a latch for keeping the door shut.


These style of locks are also available in 2 or 3 lever versions which should only be used on internal doors and not on external.



UPVC Composite Door Cylinders

Now we move onto UPVC or composite doors. These cylinders would mainly be a Euro style but in some circumstances it could be an Oval style.

Check your insurance documents but as a norm they must be of at least 5 pin but you can get a higher grade should you want to.



Lock Solutions are experts in providing help with the locks mentioned here. If you are in need of an emergency locksmith in Reading or the surrounding area, please contact lock solutions.

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