Emergency Locksmith Helps To Prevent Burglary

Emergency Locksmith Helps To Prevent Burglary

Emergency Locksmith Helps To Prevent Burglary

Wayne From Lock Solutions always likes to help prevent his customers from becoming victims of burglary, so he has provided a guide on how to improve security to your property. To help avoid the need for an emergency locksmith it's important to make sure we are prepared for any eventuality by reviewing your homes and bringing your security up to scratch.

Our gardens are the perfect place to spend the summer so let’s start there. If you have any broken gates or fences, either renew or repair them, broken boundaries make entering your garden a weak spot. It's also key to make sure that any tools are securely stored away (especially ladders) so that they cannot be used to break into your property, as well as this cut back any hedges that obstruct view.

Install quality, secure locks on sheds and gates to reduce the risk of anybody getting through to your prized possessions.

Take a good look at how you lock doors/windows and make sure you stop any bad habits you and your family may have. For example don’t leave your keys in the door or in view from the outside. Always set your alarm code and lock any doors, windows and side gates before leaving the property.

Remember, thieves work 24 Hours and most burglaries are made from homes that look empty. Therefore install light timers to make it appear as if someone is at home. A security light that gives the effect that the television is on can also be purchased from popular retailers such as Amazon. Alarms and CCTV systems are also an extremely good deterrent.

If you have wooden French doors you could add top and bottom bolts or if you have UPVC doors you would need to add sash jammers.

Also consider the locks that are currently installed in your doors. Are you the only person with keys, were the locks changed when you moved in. Many burglaries happen within weeks of new owners moving in and there are no signs of forced entry.

We would advise installing a sensor light to the front and back door of your home to deter potential thieves and help you gain entry into your home in the dark, but you must install it as high as possible so the bulb cannot be smashed easily.

Taking the steps in this quick guide will help to reduce the risk of your home being burgled, but if you are in need of an Emergency Locksmith, please call Lock Solutions on 07711 906667.

Lock Solutions can also provide advice to help secure your property. Please get in touch today to speak to our locksmith.

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