Home Security Check - Call Lock Solutions

Home Security Check - Call Lock Solutions

A home security check on your property can be completed by Lock Solutions whether it's domestic or commercial.

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As a locksmith covering the majority of the Thames Valley we see all sorts of properties with inadequate home security measures in place. Here are Lock Solutions top 10 tips for ensuring your home is as secure as it can be.

  1. The number of opportunists is increasing. If your going out ensure you leave lights on in various rooms around the home. Light timers are good for this purpose.
  2. Are your locks fitted correctly? The amount of times we have been to properties where locks are installed incorrectly causing vulnerability is hugely concerning.
  3. Have a look around your home generally. Are all your windows secure, is the glass in tact. When you look through your windows do you see anything of value that could be an opportunity for unwanted guests?
  4. Sensor lighting – do you have outside lights installed and more importantly are they working? Whilst not a guaranteed security measure they will deter thieves if the doors to your property are well lit.
  5. Do you feel safe because you have a burglar alarm installed? When did you last change the code? Alarms are extremely effective but you need to change the code on a regular basis to gain maximum benefit
  6. French doors are not automatic protection from unwanted visitors just because they are PVC. Consider installing top and bottom bolts on French doors or add sash jammers to uPVC doors
  7. Do you have a shed or garage that contain items that are valuable to you? Your outbuildings are just as vulnerable if not more than your home, ensure you have adequate locks.
  8. Statistics indicate that burglaries are increasing on properties in order to steal car keys – don’t make it easy for them by leaving your keys in view of windows and doors.
  9. Have you moved home recently?, are you moving home? Have you considered changing the locks to your new home to ensure that it is completely secure and there are no rogue sets of keys with old occupiers?
  10. Call Lock Solutions to come and complete a Security Home Check on your property. Prices from £20. For a free no obligation quotation contact us on our website



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