Work Completed 22-1-16 in Reading, Wokingham, Woodley, Bracknell & Maidenhead

Locksmith Work Completed 22-1-16

Few more Jobs completed today, it's a shame they weren't all in the same area but beggars can't be choosers. Started off in reading where a customer had some renovation work done and then found out the lock that was put on the rear garage door that leads into the house was not of the correct specification. As you can see from the photo it has a 2 lever lock fitted but should of had a 5 lever British Standard lock. The customer couldn't get the builder to return to do the upgrade so they eventually called me. It now has a 5 lever British Standard lock fitted.

Then went to Wokingham where an aluminium frames door couldn't be opened so I used my skill to open it with no damage and changed the locking mechanism as the old one had broken up. Also never damaged the cylinder as there were over 10 keys to that door in circulation.

Had a customer contact me saying their garage door wouldn't open which turned out to be a broken plastic drive on the inside where all the cables meet up in the centre. Took off the old one and shot over to my friends at Amourelle in Woodley who specialise in garage door parts. Got the new part and fitted it straight away, all done in one hour.

From there I headed to Bracknell where a customer had lost their keys to a UPVC door. To their amazement his was all sorted before their kettle had boiled.

Finally I went to Maidenhead where a construction company needed a new lock fitted to a metal container. Love jobs like this as it means you have to put your thinking cap on, anyway left them feeling happy and secure.


Kitchen Door Frame Lock


UPVC Door Lock




Door Lock


Door Lock


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