Jobs Completed Today 6/1/16

Jobs Completed Today 6/1/16

It has been a busy day for people booking their lock jobs with me in advance. Very unusual as I'm normally needed straight away in an emergency.

Started the day today with a trip to Southcote, Reading. Customer had snapped his key in his letter box in an apartment building so the lock needed to be changed. Opened it up and did just that leaving him very happy. I was unable to get permission from him to take a photo but found the one similar below online.


Parcel Lock Box


Then met a lovely lady in Whitley, Reading who wanted to stop certain people with a key letting themselves in so I changed her lock for her to the UPVC front door.




I have received a call from a gentleman in Farnham who had me recommended to him so didn't mind me charging a little extra for the journey. He owns a service garage and needed all the locks changing yo his electric shutters and one of the main doors.


Key Switches


Finally travelled to Ash near Aldershot to change all external door locks for a couple who had just purchased the property.

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