Jobs Completed Today 5/1/16

Jobs Completed Today 5/1/16

Went to a house in Lower Shiplake today which was a house to die for, certainly the house of my dreams. Contacted me saying their garage side door was jammed shut so went there and sorted the problem out for them. I know your probably thinking this can't be a side garage door but it is and leads up to a games room above the triple garage.


Black Front Door


After that I was called to a company in Woodley who needed their Digilock problem sorting out on one of their external doors. Unfortunately it couldn't be repaired so i had to replace it.


Key Code Door Lock


Also got called to Hurst this evening to get a retired couple back into their house, Unfortunately their key had snapped in the lock. They called another well known company who said they would be there in an hour, well the lies just kept coming from 13.30 until they were eventually told at 20.00 that they were unable to attend. I think keeping people waiting for 6.5 hours outside their house when they had no intention of coming is pretty disgraceful. I always feel the truth is the best policy so when both parties meet up there's not a bad atmosphere.


Inside Door Lock


Well I arrived 15 mins after the call,opened their door with no damage and extracted the broken key, even got a £5 tip. Best part of all is their going to mention me to all their friends and family, best advertising there is going.

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