Jobs Completed Today 2/1/16

Jobs Completed Today 2/1/16

Managed to give myself the day off yesterday seeing as it was new years day, everyone deserves a day off now and again.

Received 2 call outs today in Maidenhead and Wokingham. Job in Maidenhead consisted of a lock and handle change to a UPVC door for a lovely couple living in Cordwallis Road. Their daughter had snapped the handle whilst trying to open the door and whilst I was there changing the handles they decided to start the new year with a new lock as so many people held a key to the old lock, some of which they don't see anymore.

In Wokingham the lady from Langborough Road had accidentally snapped her key in the lock. Luckily she managed to get inside as it was raining very hard at the time. I turned up and extracted the key for her, made sure the lock was working fine and left her feeling very happy.


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