Claim To Fame

Claim To Fame

Received a call from a company based in London who received my details via recommendation. They went into detail stating they had already had another company in to do the work but they never gave them what they wanted. They asked if I could help as they were restricted to a deadline so I agreed to and went along to take a look. When I arrived I found it was a 6 storey building with a basement and roof that needed locks changing as well with over 380 locks in total. I had 2 weeks to complete the work by so got stuck into it straight away. I phoned around various suppliers who weren't able to help me in such a short time scale until I spoke to M Marcus who are based in Dudley. I started to give them sizes and quantities and they started delivering them to me the following day. All in all I managed to complete the work in the time scale with the locks all mastered up exactly to their requirements. The building turned out to be owned by the BBC where programmes like Top Gear was filmed. Loved it.

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