Cheap Camberley Locksmith

Cheap Camberley Locksmith

Locksmith Camberley


All of us nowadays are looking for good value for money. Locksmiths are no exception to the rule which is why Wayne is always keeping an eye on costs and adjusting his prices accordingly. He is willing to beat any like for like quotation as his motto is, 90% of something is better than 100% of nothing. Also as of June 1st, 2015 Lock Solutions will no longer be charging VAT so it makes it even cheaper for you the customer.

So many companies are now charging either by the hour or by half-hour increments and that’s all the information you will receive over the phone. Wayne understands in some instances it’s hard to price up exactly over the phone before either seeing what the job in tales first or giving you a worst case scenario but anyone can make a job last a lot longer than it needs to. With his many years of experience, he feels able to put exact prices on the website and he can honestly say you won’t be charged anything else.

Locksmith Services Camberley

Lock Solutions Labour Charges

Labour Charge Mon-Fri 9am-5pm = £55.00

Labour Charge Sat 9am-5pm = £65.00

Labour Charge Sun 9am-5pm = £75.00

Please add an extra £10 if were asked to attend on a public holiday

Out of hour’s labour rates are charged at an extra £7.50 per hour after 5pm so a 6pm, Mon-Fri labour rate will be £62.50 and an 11pm labour rate will be £100.00

These Prices Are Not Per Hour Or Half Hour But To Do The Whole Job Unless Your Told Otherwise

There are so many parts to list so please call Wayne on 07711 906667 if you require a price on any part.

As Of June 1st, 2015 Lock Solutions Will No Longer Be Charging VAT To You The Customer. This Means The Charges Above Will Be Exactly What You’re Charged.

If you haven’t looked at our testimonials page please take a look now.

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Wayne Colvin, Lock Solutions

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