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Ever wondered how locksmith managed to do the day to day jobs they come across? Well, I found some videos and thought I would share them with you all.

How To Pick A Cylinder Lock

I have to say the video below makes it look easy, but it's not. It's all about feeling and knowing when you've lifted the pins too high or not. Also, a lot of cylinders nowadays come with what's known as anti-pick mushrooms fitted inside which stops anyone being able to pick the desired lock. Also, some BS models are fitted with an anti-drill plate so not only are you unable to pick but you can't drill them either. A registered locksmith will carry drills that will go through whereas a standard drill will just melt.


How To Drill A Mortice Lock

If you have lost your keys to a 5 lever curtain deadlock or sash lock then the chances are you will have to get these locks opened by a locksmith. Unfortunately, not anyone can do this as the locks are fitted with an anti-drill plate on both sides to stop anyone drilling into it. However registered locksmiths have drills that are able to get through this plate. Also, you need to be careful as to the position of the hole or else you're likely to end up with a load of holes in your door. The lock shown below is just one of many different styles and manufacturers and so the hole position is different in each one.


How To Pick A Euro Cylinder

Picking open a Euro Cylinder is basically the same as the cylinder above accept on the cylinder above the pins are facing downwards and on the Euro Cylinder they face upwards. The same rules apply where they also come with anti-pick mushrooms which will make it impossible to pick open. Also with some BS models you are unable to drill as well so a registered locksmith would be necessary.


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