Debt Collectors

Debt Collectors

I'm always hearing from people being unfairly chased by debt collectors for money they don't owe, so this tale from the Mirror's security correspondent Chris Hughes might ring a few bells.

Chris lives in a house that's been converted into three flats. I'll leave him to take over the story.

The guy who used to live in the top flat until two years ago has left debts.

When the Marston Group (Debt Collectors) has called before in person and left notes I contacted them and told them he no longer lives here.

I have contacted them several times and on the last occasion I explained the situation they said it would be fine and they would continue looking elsewhere.

Debt Collectors

But now our property received a note from - in capital letters - MARSTON HIGH COURT ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS AND CERTFIFED BAILIFFS.

It said: I Mr Newby attended your address today to execute a distress warrant against you on behalf of HMCS. The amount outstanding today is £715. I have been refused entry to the address and believe that you are wilfully trying to avoid me. You should be aware that there exists a power under Schedule 4A of the Domestic Violence, Crime and Victims Act to enable us to enter your property BY FORCE using locksmiths if required to execute this warrant.

The following bit was written in red. I will be attending your premises with a locksmith within 7 days to conclude this matter. I will have the authority to use the above powers if necessary.

When I phoned him on his mobile he told me to fax my details to his office. I refused, on the grounds that I don't want to give personal information to strangers, and in any case my details are nothing to do with this situation.

He was rude, aggressive and dismissive. I called his office number and spent ages on hold trying to get through to a human being and when eventually I spoke to a woman, she just transferred the call back to Newby's mobile. Newby gave me more aggression - at which I'd been pushed too far and must admit that I told him where to go.

The trouble is when you phone Marston you cannot speak to anyone. There is an option to contact them in writing - they have a PO box in Waltham Cross, Essex - but again you have to give your personal details. Why should I go to any effort to help them when they are so rude and this debt has nothing to do with me?

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