Find My Keys Apps

Find My Keys Apps

Find My Keys Apps

Find my keys apps take the place of the old keyring you used to have from your building society giving a £10 reward. Have you ever lost your keys? Many of us have and it's quite the pain trying to find them. You'll spend hours if not days searching for that all important key only to find that it was in the first place you looked. It's just life's way of saying "look harder". However, technology has grown so much over the last few years and now there are even find my keys apps that can help you to find those pesky keys. There is a reason for the phrase "there's an app for everything" you know. So what apps are there, and where can you find them? Below are the top 3 key finding apps with a little information about the company and the technologies used.

Stick N Find

Lock App

What started out as an IndieGoGo campaign slowly grew into a worldwide sensation. They initially wanted a $70,000 investment but managed to surpass that with an incredible end total of $931,870! The device is simply a small sticker that is placed on the mobile phone or keys, the small sticker has Bluetooth which makes it easy to find my keys. The sticker connects to the app, which can be downloaded on any Android or iOS device. You're presented with a radar, which displays all stickers in range. What is even cooler is that you can even press a button to make the sticker buzz, flash or do both to make it easier to spot. Although it cannot detect direction, it is fairly accurate when detecting range. They have a function called "e-Leash" which tells your phone when a sticker becomes too far away from you. There are many other amazing features which you can see via their website here:


This is possibly the most popular of the 3 apps, with millions of people using Tile to find various items. The app itself allows you to track up to 8 items, if you're super prone to losing your things. The tile allows you to see a real-time GPS location of your items and records the last place your phone saw it. This makes it one step easier as you know where to start looking, then other features in the app allow you to get within a breath of your item. Just like the sticker above, Tile comes with Bluetooth to aid in search. What's even better is that you become a part of a community, so if you lose your Tile (and you report it as lost in the app), other users can help you to find your item. The Tile, when close, plays a distinctive melody so you can find it's exact location. You can find more about Tile via their website here:


This is the TrackR, another device to help you find lost items. This works in almost the same way as the Tile with a distance indicator, items ringer, GPS and separation alerts. The device is made from aluminium so it's strong and extremely durable. The battery life for a device like this is typically around 1 year, so you could still find that lost item even in 11 months time! This too works with both Android and iOS devices and is something that can be used worldwide. Unlike the other two above, this company actually offer a laser engraving service so you can add information to your TrackR such as a contact name and phone number. You can also get various cases so that it can be used appropriately. You can get a tag for a pet collar, a keyring holder and even a waterproof case for those taking their keys to the beach. You can find out more about TrackR on their site: If you've lost your key, and can't find it, then you can get another key cut with us today. Simply contact our professional locksmiths today and we'll make arrangements for you!

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