Key Cutting Apps Are A Security Risk

Key Cutting Apps Are A Security Risk

Key Cutting Apps Are A Security Risk

We at Lock Solutions Reading have seen recent news of new key cutting apps that use a picture of your key to determine the cut, and the company then sends you copies of that key in the post. What at first may seem revolutionary, may actually be a serious security risk. The security risk is to any key you have to give to other people, such as car washing attendants, mechanics and valet parking. You're entrusting someone with your key, but these people can very easily use one of these key cutting apps to replicate that key, then use it to steal your belongings. One of the key cutting apps in particular, called KeyMe in America, insisted that the company is in no way putting anyone at risk. Greg Marsh, founder and CEO of the company, suggested that they were actually doing the very opposite. He goes on to say that they do in fact need a valid credit card and address, but this only accounts for valet parkers. There is no response to leaving your credit card with a mechanic, you can use it to pay for whatever it is you had done and they could just as easily take a picture of your card. You can watch a promotional video for KeyMe via AlleyWire here:

There are currently no key cutting apps in the UK providing this service, thankfully, but if they do decide to bring the idea overseas what would you think? Would you want to entrust your personal details to key cutting apps that duplicates your key? The idea may be a good one, but it's poorly executed. With there being hundreds of various locksmiths, such as ourselves, based all over the country, why would you need to urgently get your key cut? Of course it might seem easier to use these key cutting apps at first, but in actual fact it could take longer for it to get to you because of postage. You'd be quicker finding a locksmith close by and getting it cut on the spot, which is what most locksmiths do. It is catering to a problem that isn't really there. Not only that, but it's deliberately putting people at risk by asking for various personal details in one big hit. Would you give your key, credit card details and address to any old person? We'd like to think not.


It's always best to avoid anything computerised when it comes to your personal details. Having all of your details electronically is dangerous as hackers can get into your computer and take them. This includes your mobile phones, tablet PC's and other devices that use an internet connection. Besides, nothing can beat talking to someone face to face or over the phone. It gives you added security because you're actively seeking them out, rather than trusting in a computer. If you'd like to get your keys cut, without using an app, you can give us a quick call today and we'll get you sorted in no time! Feature Image Credit:

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