Locksmiths Reading Mortice Lock Description

Locksmiths Reading Mortice Lock Description

Locksmiths Reading Mortice Lock Description

Locksmiths reading have been finding themselves having to explain to customers about the mortice lock so we thought it would be a good idea to explain it to you.

A mortice lock is a lock that requires a hole to be cut into the door where the lock is to be fitted. Mortice locks would normally be found on older buildings, but they have recently become more common in commercial and residential houses.

There are 2 types of mortice lock, one would be built with a latch that would be connected to a pair of handles which is called a sash lock. The other that has no latch is called a dead lock. Locksmith Reading are able to supply and fit both types for you.


Mortice locks still use levers as the mechanism but in recent years the Euro Cylinder lock has become more common which would be fitted in a mortice housing.

The installation of a mortice lock would need to be undertaken by a qualified person. It is labour intensive and requires a working knowledge of basic woodworking tools and methods. Many installation specialists use a jig which makes precise cutting of the hole a simple operation. The installation of the external trim can still be difficult if the person has no previous experience.


Although a mortice lock weakens the structure of a timber door, it is stronger and more versatile than a bored cylindrical lock. Whereas the new locking mechanism mainly found in UPVC doors lacks the architecture required for ornate and solid-cast knobs and levers. Furthermore, a mortice lock typically accepts a wide range of other manufacturers' cylinders and accessories, allowing architectural conformity with lock hardware already on site.

Some of the most common manufacturers of mortice locks in the UK are Accurate, Arrow, Baldwin, Best, Chubb, ERA, Union and Yale.

The purpose of a mortice lock is to act as a combination of locks. It is dual action meaning that it acts as a door knob and as a deadbolt.

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