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Lock Solutions Video

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Wayne from Lock Solutions was searching through the internet and came across a video he had built a few years ago. Now that his website is looking good and doing well he thought it was about time we showed it to you so please click on the link below called Lock Solutions Video and take a look yourself, also please let us know your thoughts. Wayne would like to point out that unfortunately he is not in the video and that his part is being played by an actor. Also please ignore the address at the end as that is his accountants address. The video explains well out all the major bullet points you would need to know before you instruct a locksmith to come to your aid but here they all are listed below.


The video was built by Yell back in the days when websites were relatively new to us and businesses were still mainly advertising in the Yellow Pages. Well how things have changed over the years because we can remember when the Yellow Pages was A4 size and extremely thick. They were so big that you had no chance fitting one into someone's letterbox but I was shocked recently when the new Yellow Pages was delivered. It was A3 size and nowhere near as thick as it used to be so ultimately it fitted through our letterbox no problem at all.

Well established and family run company.

No call centre.

Your call will be answered directly by Wayne.

Available 24/7 365 days a year.

95% of calls we can get to within one hour.

If not possible you will be given an exact time slot over the phone.

No call out charge.

Excellent customer service with large customer base and repeat business.


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Wayne Colvin, Lock Solutions

Wayne Colvin - Lock Solutions

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