Gone Computerized

Gone Computerized

Gone Computerized

Locksmiths are always being accused of inflating their charges. This is dependent on when they are called out and if it looks like the customer has a few bob. Well there's no need to worry any more as Locksmith Reading have gone computerized. We have just updated our software package and thought it deserved a mention. We have a software program installed which automatically knows the labour charge as its linked to the clock on the PC. We also have part numbers installed which also works the same way and automatically provides a price dependent on what code has been entered. A brief description also appears so you would be able to match that against the new part. All this information is entered exactly the same no matter who or where you are and the same applies for the labour rate. It doesn't matter if you live one or thirty one miles away from me, you will all be charged the same rate.

Wayne In Van

I also get asked if I'm a member of a national company a lot to which I can assure you I am a one man band who purely works on my own with my wife doing the admin work. I did start off my locksmith career working for a national company but got very frustrated with all the lies they told customers in order to keep hold of their business so moved to another company as a franchisee. This was going very well at first and thoroughly enjoyed it but the quantity of work started to go down dramatically so I started doing my own advertising which started to grow to the extent that I never needed the franchise work any more. I have now been on my own for a number of years and would never go back. Should you need to call me you would be given an honest answer on price and availability.

So be assured that we are unable to inflate our prices, this is why us at locksmith reading gone computerized.

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