Portable Lock To Fit Any Door

Portable Lock To Fit Any Door

Portable Lock To Fit Any Door

Late last year a budding entrepreneur by the name of Bob Fitzjohn decided that he wanted to create a portable lock to keep his grandchildren save when travelling around. His invention was a lightweight lock that could be fitted to any door, no matter what locks and handles are already in place. He decided to place his creation of the very popular crowdfunding website Indiegogo and it turned into a huge hit, raising over £10,000. The EasyLock is a revolutionised portable lock and one that weights no more than your average iPhone, making it easy to carry around.

Inventor Bob is a 66 year old from London and he developed his amazing portable lock, before receiving his £10,000, at his kitchen table for over a year. The device has only one flaw, in that it can only be fitted to doors that open inwards rather than outwards, but we're sure this is something the wise entrepreneur will see to in the future. However, another benefit to the lock is that it can also be used to slightly open a door to check who is outside before letting people in, like a chain lock. For those who pledged towards the grand total of £10,500, Bob has offered a number of his own invention (depending on how much the user pledged). One user, who pledged £2,500, has been promised 50 locks from Mr Fitzjohn. But with the new lock being sold for just shy of £25 each, 50 locks does seem quite a handsome sum.

Below is a promotional YouTube video by the company showing you just how simple the lock is to use and where you can use it.



Not convinced? Then why not read this review by AllClear Options, who actively praise the device.

The seemingly indestructible lock may have had quite a lot of media behind it (with mentions from not only the Daily Mail but also LifeHacker and Lux Gifts), but it would seem as if the sales of this particular device if going slow. If you love the idea of this lock, and travel around a lot, then we would definitely suggest buying one. At a grand total of £24.95, you can't really go wrong.

We may not sure whether this is the future of lock solutions, in rougher areas of course you should be relying on sturdier door locks rather than this temporary solution. For travellers, however, it's quite a nifty little addition to travel essentials!

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