Reading Commercial Locks

Reading Commercial Locks

Reading Commercial Locks

Lock Solutions are experienced locksmiths that understand all the jargon. But sometimes this can be a little confusing for our customers. So to help those keen to learn which commercial locks they have fitted in their properties, we have compiled an explanation.

When it comes to a commercial property some of the external doors would be fitted with the same locks as found on domestic properties, however there are some different styles.

Screw in Cylinders

Below are a pair of screw in cylinders which would mostly be found on aluminium framed doors where one cylinder would be fitted to the outside of the door and the other to the inside. If you don't like the idea of using a key to lock/unlock the door from the inside you could have a thumbturn fitted instead which is a knob that you turn instead of a key.

Screw In Cylinders

Bullet Locks

If you have external shutters fitted that are not electrically powered the shutter would probably be secured by the locks (bullet locks) shown below. You would pull the shutter down then these locks would fit into a holder on the frame and the bullet shaped shaft fits through a hole in the shutter itself.


Electric Powered Shutter Lock

If your shutter is electrically powered you would have a key switch similar to the one shown below.


Fire Door Locks

Fire doors are also found on commercial properties with locking units similar to the one pictured below. They can also have a bar going across the door but both options are operated exactly the same way. These are all different forms of panic hardware.



Digilocks like the one pictured below are also found in commercial properties. The advantage of this is that there is no need for a key which is very handy if there are a large number of staff. All that's involved is to set a code and punch that code into the lock, turn the handle and the door opens. Codes can also be changed whenever the situation requires it to be.


Lock-solutions are experts in providing help with the commercial locks mentioned here. If you are in need of an emergency locksmith in Reading or the surrounding area, please contact lock solutions.

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