Locking UPVC-Composite Doors

Locking UPVC-Composite Doors

Locking UPVC-Composite Doors

Recently Lock Solutions have had customers requesting our emergency locksmith service and found that the locking mechanism has failed on either their front or rear doors. This is common on locking UPVC-Composite doors and typical examples result in the handle spinning round and round and nothing happens to the lock. You can lift the handle but the key won’t turn all the way or the handle lifts up but the locking units don't engage.

With all this in mind we thought it would be a good idea to give you some useful tips. It's best to imagine you only having one hand when operating the door so in order to lock the door you would firstly lift the handle and after letting it go back to the horizontal position then turn the key.

If you need to keep pressure on the handle and forcing it up in order to be able to turn the key then there is a problem with the lock that can be rectified. If you leave it then you will end up breaking the lock inside the door which will be more expensive.

Unlocking is basically the reverse of locking, in which you would turn the key first and then push the handle down. If you’re standing outside the door you may have to turn the key another quarter of a turn to retract the latch for the door to open.

If you have any problems doing this it is important to have this rectified as soon as possible before any expensive damage occurs. If you are unable to turn the key without forcing the handle up at the same time or you have noticed something isn't right then please make use of our 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith service and call on 07711 906667 so we can make an appointment to visit and rectify the situation for you.

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